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How Old Souls Live in Right Relationship With New Souls

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Open in playerListen on); Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) is a condition in which empaths live in a state of constant emotional dysregulation as a result of having the mother wound. MDT Academy is a short cut course for empaths to reduce trigger recovery time by releasing using the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck. This grievous process is facilitated by 1)learning to live in loving detachment from mama, drama and the trauma 2)through daily practice of the divinity identity mantra: "I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone," who has the birthright to be healthy, happy and whole. MDT Academy teaches a spiritual method that addresses the unchallenged and unexamined maternal shame, blame and guilt at the root of this spiritual crisis and planetary disorder. If you have MDT, it is likely your mother has her own mother wound and as soulmates you are co-evolving in self love and spiritual independence. (Paid subscribers receive detailed, in-depth instructional content in order to become MDT Informed therapists, inner work life coaches, empaths, etc.)

Empaths are old souls who after living countless lifetimes eventually answer Divine Mother’s call home. This is not a physical death but an end to unconscious incarnations where we unaware of our divine origins. Mama Drama Trauma (MDT), is a rites of passage from a survival of the fittest mentality to the integration of our birthright to be happy, healthy and whole. Home, therefore is peace and liberation from the ties that bind us to this realm, namely endless desires, shame, blame and guilt.

New Souls are newly incarnated into human form from other mammals. Needless, to say, they lack human experience, judgement and forethought. The DNA mixture is less complex therefore the capacity to process complex social, environmental, intellectual and moral issues is limited compared to more mature and old souls. Think African Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, Denisovans, Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens. Since African Homo Erectus, the human species has been diverse and mixed to varying extents. As above so below.

Because they do not yet possess the level of sensitivity necessary to have MDT, they are oblivious to the karma incur and inflict upon Old Souls by perpetuating it. Karma they must repay as they mature, and karma Old Souls are repaying from their early lifetimes.

This tutorial is a general introduction to New Souls and Old Souls: who we are, how Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) affects us, what we need from one another, and how to create healthy relationships with them. (It is two hours. At the one hour mark is a brief meditation. I suggest taking a break there, or doing the meditation to give your system a break before completing it.)

This basic overview covers key points related to empaths, or old souls with the mother wound whose anxiety and amnesia of past lifetimes blocks self healing attempts.

>>>> Link to interview with Patricia McGivern Soul Explorer

While MDT recovery is a lifetimes, long process, as the soul matures we gain gifts, talents and abilities to completely release it.

What are these gifts?

How do we use them to get past the unending anxiety?

What have we forgotten from past lives that may be useful now?

Rites of Passage Is Separation, Transformation and Integration

Rites of passage are initiation rituals performed for inner journeys from one mentality to another, most typically taking adepts from operating from a place of fear to one of self determination. Rites are simultaneously micro and macro cycles occurring repeatedly within and singularly during lifetimes.

MDT rites entails going from conditioned shame, blame and guilt to ritualized into realized, or a self reconditioned Divinity Identity of health, happiness and wholeness.

It’s no coincidence, shame, blame, guilt and what the mother desires for her child are the feelings most commonly projected onto empaths causing the mother wound. Traumatizing for empaths who intuitively know they are divine beings whose lives are their own, yet dearly love and empathize with mama, internalize these feelings as maternal abandonment and abuse.

When they embark on their healing path, separating from the “taboo of divinity”, or unchallenged and unexamined loyalty to maternal bondage, the rites of passage is initiated. It is a painful, alienating yet self empowering time.

It begins the dark night of the soul and the bombardment of attacks from New Souls.

Separation from what and who they previously identified with the most, is a kind of ego:soul dissociation that expands many lifetimes through MDT cycles of being both mother and child. Pain eventually morphs, as it does, into numbness, or feeling less and less attached to this karmic bondage. It is ego:soul alignment with divine order where the first law of self preservation is surrendered to and the healing journey, though uncertain and unstable, can begin.

Transformation arrives in infinite forms of maternal and tribal bondage as a result of attempts to separate from mama, drama and the trauma. It takes time, to fully realize, the healing process is an internal one that is about taking the time and space to get clear about their unmet maternal needs. While one may be physically, mentally or emotionally separated, until full loving detachment is achieved ties do bind. The resistance New Souls provide in this process makes us question and devalue ourselves and what we know. Evolving souls learn to let go by doing things, creating karmas, in a last ditch attempt to prove loyalties or maintain them within themselves for fear of being alone in the world.

During this phase, Old Souls begin to hear the subtle call to conscious awareness that they are capable of fulfilling their own unmet maternal needs by using the many gifts, talents and abilities they’ve learned over lifetimes.

It is a self reflective stage where questions like, “How will bringing a new soul into the world help me grow and learn the lessons I am here to learn?” and “What is the most useful and effective way to interact with other souls?” are pondered. Initial attempts are made to take full responsibility for the hard earned wisdom gained over MDT lifetimes to see things as they—divinely and in divine order—are as opposed to how we may want them to be.

Finally, integration is when MDT becomes a conscious that the purpose of MDT is to open the heart to receive more and more divine love to heal themselves, others.

Returning to divinity consciousness, allows them to integrate these lessons, and resolve pending karmas with the realization that through free will choice MDT is the birth canal of toxic energy release or divine energy receipt.

MDT release becomes possible through the fulfillment of its Soul Contract to evolve in self love and spiritual independence.

Integration is an ongoing daily practice that supports continual self healing (e.g. mood modulation, trigger management and release, etc.) and application of empathic abilities to interact with the world with more awareness.

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Transform MDT to Stop Its Transmission

We do what we gotta do to survive and Mama is our lifeline materially, and spiritually by creating the inner friction that refines our sensory development. Until we transform the way we relate to New Souls as abusers and abandoners, we will transmit this pain onto other souls creating karma that keeps us trapped in the MDT cycle. A painful and vicious cycle not for faint of heart, indeed, it cultivates the strong hearts we have. The problem is we will transmit it onto others until we transform MDT toxicity into the healing balm it is intended to be.

How do we do that?

>>>> Link to tutorial Are You An Empath with the Mother Wound?

Everyone is going through something . Processing, how we break things down and trauma, soul dissociation, are the buzz words of the day.

Each of us is a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God whether we know or not. Knowledge preciously reserved for rigorously vetted mystery school adepts, is now available to all ready, able and willing to use it for self healing and the greater good.

>>>> Link to blog Are Empaths and Narcissists Codependent?

Tips, tools and techniques in this tutorial outline the polarity between old and new souls to better understand how to process the toxicity of our unconscious interactions, what we need to know to deal with them and how.

Here are a few MDT integration tools mentioned:

- RAW (Ready, Able and Willing) Score for rapid trigger release

- Ainslie Macleod Soul Type Quiz

- Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck

ADSHAKTI: Sacral Chakra, waning gibbous moon card. Message: Dejà vu, you are experiencing past life bleed through

What’s important for us to realize is that MDT integration is about fully reclaiming our core belief in divinity identity— despite the material experience of maternal abandonment and abuse.

We do this with a daily and moment by moment practice of, reciting the mantra to ourselves, when triggered::

I am a dearly loved

Divine Child

Of the Great Mother Father God

Who is never judged, condemned

Or left alone.

Though challenging at first, old souls are more aware of this than others is because our abundance of near death combat, fatal accidents, natural disaster, being and giving birth experiences, know we are loved and cared for beyond material comprehension.

MDT is a lifetime test, to prove it. New Souls are not held to the same account.


You are a spry 94 year old, but with waning vitality. You have been a bit of a loner your entire life so it’s good to have someone around now. Everyday, when you awaken your nineteen year old nephew helps you into the car and drives you to the city’s football stadium for a day-long acid, hard rock concert. While he helps you out of the car and buys all the day’s snacks, they conflict with your prescribed diet. You walk from the car to your seat, repeatedly pushed aside, mocked and spending the entire day with sensory overload struggling to digest the process second hand smoke and drug vapors. The concrete, plastic seats makes the noise—music—pounding into your ear drums blow through your body making it sing along to the toxic lyrics. It feels familiar, a sick mediation. Pried down by gravity and baptized by beer spilling on your head like a continual baptismal. After twelve hours, it’s back to the car walking is harder, you feel heavier each day. Home again until tomorrow.

Is it the best use of our energy? Of their’s? Why do we do this? We need to stop.

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? This tutorial is for you.

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