How Empaths Exchange Energy in Relationships

filtering what vibes versus feeling trapped in tribes


Duality in all things has become apparent. No longer an ethereal concept, we are now confronted with resolving it in ourselves and in our understanding of others.

Relationships are intended to constitute mutually self loving acts. When we are not ready, willing or able to love ourselves in a particular way, a soul mirrors where this lack exists. Mama does this for us this lifetime. Unaware, our relationship is experienced as “tough love” or “no love” at all. However, universal law tells us all energy is divine including us. As empaths, we know and feel this. How are we using this energy? Are we honoring our energy in ways that honor us?Only we can determine our value, needs and therefore how we choose to share it.

As empaths, we know love is ineffable. It is not an idea, belief or fantasy but a feeling. Because meeting unmet maternal needs dominate our internal space, we never feel we give enough love— forgetting love is equally meant for us. Overcoming the dilemma of feeling loved and knowing we are loved is about filtering our emotional resonance with others for what the soul needs.

The question is, “Is this relationship mirroring to me an opportunity to evolve in self love and spiritual independence?” As old souls with MDT, we are learning to live in loving detachment from our defaults, or what love has meant to us in the past. In the past, we expected our maternal needs to be met by our birth mother and this lifetime forces us to refine the way we experience it by learning to truly love ourselves. To do this, we must develop our own relationship with Great Mother, that Still Small Voice of the Holy Spirit that nurtures the spiritual independence we need to trust what we hear, see, feel, and sense.

We are changing. Everything is changing, Empaths with the mother wound are being called to ground ourselves in our soul wisdom. As old souls experiencing the birth mother as guru teaching us how to evolve in self love and spiritual independence, we are supported in our choice to use our extrasensory abilities wisely to identify what and who does and does not support us— as well as what and whom we most support.

The Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck is an excellent method to become familiar with our unique soul frequency, what feeds it and needs it.

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