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Why Empaths Should Never Second Guess

Learning to Live in Loving Detachment

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https://linktr.ee/MamaDramaTrauma MDT Academy is a short cut course for empaths to heal Mama Drama Trauma, a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her mother causing emotional and/or physical trauma. Our mantra is: "I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone," who has the birthright to be healthy, happy and whole. If you have MDT, it is likely your mother has MDT and as soulmates you are co-evolving in self love and spiritual independence.
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MDT is really a spiritual trauma. I approach it as a spiritual illness and I work with it as a spiritual healer. I want to talk to you today about doing what's best for you.

Doing what is best for us as empaths is very difficult because we feel the feelings of others often making us unable to distinguish our emotions from others. As a result, it's not only codependence or enmeshment with trauma, but there is an identity crisis. We really don't know who we are because we're always seeing things through the lens of others. It's important for us to remember that we are not responsible for fixing everyone else's problems, and that we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost always remembering we have our own needs and feelings that deserve our attention. As medical intuitive Caroline Myss says, “When you betray yourself, you are no different than the person who hurt you.“

There's no denying that our relationships with our mothers can be complex and difficult. The old saying, we can't choose our family, is false. As old souls, we intuit the blessing in disguise because we have learned over many lifetimes, nothing happens to us but for us to evolve. So what do we do when the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck comes into our lives, we begin the evolutionary work of letting go of the mother we want in order to accept the one we have

MDT Academy teaches us how to read the simple signs and symbols of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck in order to receive daily messages of support and encouragement in our healing journey. It's a practice that can help us to see both the light and shadow aspects of our relationship with our mothers. And it's a solution to the difficult problem of knowing what is best for us in our unique healing process involving our own unique needs to while releasing the trauma of others control of our lives, so that we can be the best we can be.

Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) Academy supports the daily practice of release. Post a question for a reading.

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