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Open in playerListen on); MDT Academy is a short cut course for empaths to heal Mama Drama Trauma, a condition in which the mother projects unhealed aspects of herself onto her mother causing emotional and/or physical trauma. Our mantra is: "I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone," who has the birthright to be healthy, happy and whole. If you have MDT, it is likely your mother has MDT and as soulmates you are co-evolving in self love and spiritual independence.
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Do you have MDT? If you are an empath with the mother wound, you might. Self Inquiry or asking ourselves questions, instead of jumping to conclusions, is one of the best loving detachment practices I have. Byron Casey came along with ‘The Work’ right when I was trying to make sense of Al-Anon’s teaching of “detachment”. It resonated with me so profoundly, when Iyanla Vanzant did her first healing show ’Starting Over’, I was ready to do just that!

When I ask myself, “Is it true?” before judging myself unworthy, ungrateful, or a diva I acknowledge the truth now knowing how I feel about it can and often will change. If the thought, attitude or belief resonates, it is confirming the divinity identity mantra:

“I am a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judge, condemned or left alone.”

From there, I get to choose. Either I realize my birthright of health, happiness and wholeness, or play in the dirt. That’s the fun of it. Outside of those parameters, I never know how it will work out, but whatever choice I make always does.

Each risk to self care and self love a little more pays off in confidence dividends I get to spend where ever and however I like. Since I'm an old soul, I have learned how to value and respect this powerful insight to experience all the grace and mercy we need to wander. Sometimes we just need to meander in the meadowy hills and high valleys to feel mother's touch and lay on the ground at night to feel her rock us. If you find her in frozen tundra or on the ocean wide, any and everything that does not feel like that in response to your every need, is not Great Mother. It may be a sibling god or goddess, birth father or birth mother incarnated in archetypes of the good or terrible mother, but it will not be Great Mother, the juice.

My sister may give me water, Mama may give me Milk, but Great Mother gives me juice, nectar, ambrosia. Which would you rather have? I always pick the one that makes me feel the healthiest, happiest and most divine.

Doing The Work by asking myself the simple question, “Is it true?” helps me balance the weight of everything I want with gratitude for everything I have.

SELF INQUIRY SUIT CARD shows up in our readings to stimulate transformation of self judgment and condemnation into health, happiness and wholeness. S in A.S.P.I.R.E. of the 49 card Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck. Because we aspire to live in loving detachment from shame, blame and guilt).


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